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Our Board of Directors 

  • Mr. Kewalchand P. Jain (Chairman & Managing Director): He is companys managing director and chairman, oversaw the groups entry into the branded clothes sector and is in charge of overall business management. He is a hands-on manager and an avid student of finance. He is also the trustee of the Jatnobai Karmchandji Ratanparia Chauhan Charitable Trust.
  • Mr. Hemant P. Jain (Jt. Managing Director): The companys marketing activities are overseen by Mr. Hemant P. He frequently travels so he keeps a close watch on the most recent trends in fashion around the world. He oversees the companys retail operations and is in charge of our brands namely Killer, Easies, and Desi Belle brands. He is also a trustee of the Karmchandji 
  • Ratanparia Chauhan Charitable Trust.
  • Mr. Dinesh P. Jain: The manufacturing division of the company is led by Mr. Dinesh P. Jain. He focuses on production and human resource management tasks ensures that the companys production facilities at its locations in Dadar, Goregaon, Daman, and Vapi are used to their full potential. 
  • Mr. Vikas P. Jain: He manages the operations and distribution teams within the organisation. Mr. Vikas is responsible for all commercial operations at our brands Lawman and Integriti. He is in charge of driving the lifestyle accessories sector is overseas companys retail business. He travels extensively and searches for innovative fashion production methods. He is also a trustee of the Jatnobai Karmchandji Ratanparia Chauhan Charitable Trust. 
  • Dr. Prakash A. Mody (Independent Director): Doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Mumbai, director and chairman of Unichem Laboratories Limited. He has a degree in marketing management from the University of Mumbais Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, and she has completed the Harvard Business Schools Owner Presidents Management Programme.significant research, production, and marketing expertise. 
  • Mr. Nimish G. Pandya (Independent Director): He is holder of a law degree from the University of Mumbai and a member of the Maharashtra Bar Council. The Maharashtra government nominated Mr.Pandya to the position of Notary Public in 1993. He focuses on transaction support and contracts, intellectual property, technology, media and communications, competition and trade, conveyancing and real estate, trusts and charities, corporate, commercial, and financial planning and execution, as well as family and personal law founder of Pandya Juris LLP, an international law firm with a tax consulting division owner of Pandya and Co. Attorneys and Notaries Trustee of the Shree Sathya Sai Trust in Maharashtra, All India President of the Shree Satya Sai Seva Organisation in India.
  • C.A. Mr. Yogesh A. Thar (Independent Director): Member of the Chartered Accountant of India Institute Experienced in corporate taxation, corporate valuation, non-resident individual and foreign business taxation for more than 29 years. Senior Partner in the famous chartered accounting firm Bansi S. Mehta & Co. in Mumbai.
  • C.A Ms. Drushti R. Desai (Independent Director): She is member of the Chartered Accountant of India Institute and has over 17 years of experience in the valuation of stocks, companies, and intangible assets, advisory services on plans involving mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and other corporate restructuring, financial and management advice, and corporate and individual taxation (income tax, wealth tax, gift tax).Partner in the reputed chartered accounting firm Bansi S. Mehta & Co. in Mumbai.

Our Mission, Vision and Ethos 

We are encouraging perfection with the help of our workers, business partners, and other stakeholders. Implementing a customer-centric business model and focusing on client satisfaction. Focusing on the sustainability, scalability, and stability essential growth principles. Incorporating international standards and best practices into our operations. Being a top-tier business entity that provides stakeholders with the best products, values, and financial growth. We run the company according to our predetermined framework of operational standards, which demonstrates our emphasis on using ethical business practises.

Our Brands 

  • Killer: This brands target market is consumers between the ages of 16 and 25. Killer Jeans is one of the most well-known denim brands in India. Its designs are connected with the rebellious aspect of youth. In 2002, the gap between generations and waistlines shrank. Killer debuted its Low Rise jeans in India for the first time in 2004. Next came Shreds jeans. Denim underwent radical transformations to acquire a wholly new identity, including bleaching, brushing, ripping, torning, and even being shot through.
  • Easies: Since its launch in 1998, Easies has mostly catered to corporate leaders that fall between the 25 to 40 age group. The brand is marketed towards young CEOs. "Easies" is unquestionably for someone with a distinctive sense of style and a novel, energizing take on life. It is one of our four famous brands. It is renowned for revolutionising corporate fashion in India in the trendiest way possible with its classic line of clothing for the contemporary, uber-cool man. Here, more than anywhere else, you will find the ideal fusion of fashion and comfort thanks to vibrant colours, cutting-edge designs, and innovative styles. 
  • K-Lounge: The company runs a network of retail locations under the K-Lounge logo. These stores solely stock and display clothing that bears the brands of the corporation. These businesses are either privately owned and operated or privately owned and franchised. Large, small, and gigantic cities all have K-Lounge locations in posh malls and on high streets.
  • Lawman: Launched in 1998, Lawman, targets customers between the ages of 18 and 28 and specializes on denim and party/club wear. The clothing line Lawman is promoted as such. The LawmanPg3 lifestyle clothing line from Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited is recognized for inventing the auto-reverse shirts, the fume wash, the camel-skin wash, and the stretched fabric known as Diags (stretched fabric).
  • Integriti: Since its introduction in 2002, Integriti, has been promoted as a brand that satisfies consumer demand without compromising quality. The primary distribution channels for this brand are multi-brand outlets.

Core Values: Our Focus 

  • Diverse Product Base: The companys has broad range of casual, formal, and semi-formal product offerings, which make up its wide product base, satisfy the needs of its customers.
  • Environment-Friendly: The company invests in ecologically friendly production processes to create apparel that appeals to consumers.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Modern technologies are used in the production of jeans. We are able to provide the best products to our customers because to our core competency in manufacturing methods driven by innovation.
  • Strong Distribution Network: We have a presence in 25 states and more than 199 towns and cities across India, and we reach thousands of customers through a variety of channels.
  • Quality: The product quality and environmental certifications we hold vouch for our brand. All of the companys production facilities have obtained many accreditation, and its products are compared to premium quality standards. 

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